Friday, May 1, 2009

We're really busy, okay??!! :)

With my lovely and unbelievable hostesses on 4/26.....they gave us such a great shower!!!

Me, Carly, sweet Annie Glenn, and Jessica ---- friends since college :)

We are set for the kitchen!! Unbelievable -- I didn't want to bore you with pics of ALL our gifts, but here are our appliances.....
My beautiful Maid of Honor, friends since middle school :)

Catching up with you.....

My apologies, again. My camera has been freaking out on me (of all times) and I've had to rely on the kindness of friends and family for these pics. Never fear, I'm getting it fixed this week! Just a quick recap: around the first of April my twin brother, Justin, came to visit us in NOLA and he got to experience the craziness that is New Orleans! Let's just say that on one of our first outings he witnessed Bourbon Street in all its glory: a man being arrested for solicitation, a hit and run, and several other things I can't remember because clearly it's been forever since I've updated this thing!!! Anyways, he treated us to some unbelievable meals that included: Muriels on Jackson Square, Galatoires (Bourbon Street incident!), and Commander's Palace (where we ate next to Kelly Ripa and Faith Ford). Yes, we did! She's even skinnier in real life. I doubt she ate...probably just pushed that fabulous food aruond her plate. But, she did look great :)

We spent Easter here in New Orleans and visited our friend Jason Brooks at First Baptist Covington. Jason is now one of the worship pastors at FBC and he is also doing the music in our wedding. His wife, Capri, is one of my bridesmaids as well. We are so happy for them!

Chad and I were given a beautiful shower last weekend in Marietta. We seriously have unbelievable friends and family. Again, we're overwhelmed by the kindness and graciousness of everyone. We are feelin' the love! On a completely superficial note, I can't wait to get in our home (wherever that may be) and set it all up! It's going to be like Christmas, I tell you.

As for jobs, there are a few exciting opportunities out there and Chad will be interviewing for them in the next few weeks. We trust in God's faithfulness and are committed to following where he leads. Now, I'll admit --- it's been difficult to wait around like this....but, we've learned so much and KNOW that He has the BEST in store for our lives!! Please pray with us during this time.

Oh, and the SWINE FLU caused us to cancel our honeymoon to Mexico!!! I mean, seriously. Really?? Well, I don't want to go on my honeymoon wearing a hospital mask (it would ruin my outfits) and I definitely don't want to get any strand of the flu --- especially from a pig. Don't have time for it. Chad is now keeping our new honeymoon destination a secret from me....which is KILLING me!! I'm a control freak and a planner. Clearly, God's trying to teach me something :)

The next few weeks look like this: finish finals, move our stuff to Bruce and ATL, GRADUATE!!!, move to ATL, finish planning the wedding, get married on June 13. Hopefully I'll post between now and then, but I promise to be more consistent at a later, unspecified date. Promise.

Love to you all....

Kelly and Chad