Monday, December 7, 2009

A Christmas of Remembrance and Hope!

(Birthday dinner at Stoney River Steakhouse in Atlanta)

Life has changed a lot since my last blog update. I see now why I did not have a full-time job during the Fall. While I questioned it so many times, I am thanking the Lord and seeing the perfection in His timing now. My Grandma Nell died on October 28th. My mom and I were able to be with her until the very end. We were her care-givers; a daunting and painful task, yet one that changed us for the better. We spent 15 days in Paducah. Seven of those days were spent taking care of her, as hospice was called in. My mom was the only daughter and I was the only grand-daughter....needless to say - we were VERY close! She was a woman that was so very ready to go be with the Lord and "her Bill" (my Grandpa). Through the past ten years that followed my Grandpa's death, we watched my Grandma deteriorate. We watched her mind fail her as dementia took over. The past ten years have been very painful, especially for my Mom. (I can only hope to be half the daughter she has been!)
My Grandma was always a woman of strong faith - committing Scripture to memory...she could put us all to shame! Two nights before she died she quoted Psalm 103 in its' entirety. As we were talking about her imminent "home-going", the day before she died she looked at me, with tears streaming down her face, and said "When I think of seeing Jesus face to face - my heart just pounds!!!". Oh, what a challenge to live like love Jesus with such a passion. I could write a book!! I am currently journaling the final days of her life; so that we can look back to a very, very painful situation and recall the might and faithfulness of God that was so greatly displayed through her.

All that to say, now I know why I did not have a job this fall. The Lord gave me the freedom I needed to be with my Mom and my Grandma during such an important time. We are grieving and going through the ebb and flow of that process. Here we are right at the Holidays...a very difficult time in many ways. Knowing where my Grandma is brings much comfort in the midst of our pain. She is experiencing Christmas in a way we could never imagine! She always loved the Holidays and LOVED Christmas trees. The week after she died, my Mom and I were talking and we decided that we would "live it up" for her this year. I've included some pictures of our house in Jonesboro. I incorporated many items from my Grandma into my decorations this year...I find it comforting to do so. I know my Mom is doing the same. So, here are some pics of The Logan House - Christmas 2009:

Our first tree!

This was my Grandma's wreath...I spruced it up a little :)

The white church was my Grandma's...

Enjoy this Christmas and enjoy your family! Savor every moment. Make memories and spend time with each other. Above all, give thanks to our Lord and Savior who came to earth in the form of a man to give us the greatest gift of all - Salvation! I'm so very thankful for the hope of my salvation and look forward to a wonderful reunion with loved ones who have gone before me who are already worshiping Jesus face to face! May we adore Christ with all that we have this coming season and throughout the year!

Merry Christmas,

Kelly and Chad

P.S. - I got a job! I'll be teaching here in Jonesboro starting in January (more on that to come)!!


  1. I always love reading stories of how God brings hope through our pain. Thanks for sharing Kelly. You and Chad have a wonderful Christmas!


  2. Thank you for sharing this, it was wonderful to read. Praying both of you have a terrific new year!