Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beads, King Cake, and Kid Rock....

Well, this is our last Mardi Gras celebration while living in NOLA and it has been great!! I have been recovering from being sick all week, but was thankfully well enough to go to two nights of parades. I think we're getting too old for this stuff --- or maybe we just over-did it?!! Friday night we met our good friends down off of St. Charles for the Morpheus and De Etat Parades. We had a lot of fun....I don't really care about getting the beads from the floats, I really just want the cups they throw!!

Today, we went to "Aunt Hellen's" house in Mid-city for an Endymion party. Hellen and my Mom have been friends for years and she's been my Mom-away-from-home since I got to NOLA. She knows how to throw a party and her Endymion parties are famous! She and her husband, Jerry, have a house right at the beginning of the parade route on Orleans Avenue. In my opinion, this is the best way to do a parade. We had excellent food, a beautiful home to be comfortable in, and an excellent view. Did I mention that Kid Rock was the Grand Marshall for Endymion this year?! We had such a great view and definitely got some great pics of this guy. People were going crazy over him and I have to say that even I got a little star-struck....sad to say! Haha - I'm sure my mother will love hearing that! Well, tomorrow is Chad's birthday, so I'm sure we'll have more pictures to post.....hope you enjoy some of these pics from Endymion today and from last night.

P.S. - I'm still getting used to the photo-uploader on here and it's a pain, so that's why these are all out of order!

Endymion Parade

King Cake!!! (Just slightly addicting...)

Ladies and Gentlemen: Our Grand Marshall, KID ROCK!!!

Good Friends -- on St. Charles waiting for Morpheus parade to begin....

Cups!! Who cares about the beads...

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