Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day...Our Last in New Orleans

Chad and I have had a wonderful weekend. I drove over to the MS Gulf Coast on Friday because Chad had a ministry interview with a potential church. So, before we left to go to the interview, I came into his house and found a sweet display of roses, petals, and a card he made for me on his new Macbook! Now, I eat this stuff up....I love it. Some people say they don't like Valentine's Day, I always have...and I especially love it now that I've got someone wonderful to share it with :)

After the interview, we came back to New Orleans and spent the weekend here. We started our day yesterday with breakfast at Slim Goodies on Magazine Street. We've been wanting to try it and it was pretty good. Magazine Street exhibits a whole new side of New Orleans life; you'll have to visit to understand what I mean! We then decided to rent "Fireproof" because everyone's been telling us to watch it. If you can get past some of the amateur acting, it really is a must-see. We loved it. I love Saturdays where we have the time to take it easy, go to breakfast, and come back and lay around and watch a movie....there's nothing better in my book! After that relaxing afternoon, Chad took me down to The Quarter to Arnaud's restaurant for a romantic Valentine's Dinner. It was so good. We really enjoy trying out all of the great restaurants in New Orleans (there are so many); this was definitely one of our favorites :) Chad's last present to me was a coffee table book that he made of our engagement's perfect and something we'll keep for a lifetime. So, that was our weekend. We have one more weekend to kind of slow down and enjoy life, which will be next weekend for Chad's Bday and Mardi Gras. We're looking forward to it. Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day and a relaxing weekend. We love you....

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  1. Wow! Chad has set the bar high for future Valentine's Days! I'm impressed!

    I'm so glad you're sharing through this blog - I love reading it!